Emilio Rocchini


Graduated with honors in Political Science, in 2003, at the Luiss University “G. Carli ”in Rome.

Since 2003, he has been collaborating with the Pessi e Associati law firm carrying out an intense out-of-court consultancy activity in the field of labor law which has allowed him to gain extensive and in-depth experience in all issues relating to Labor Law, Trade Union Law and the Law of Social Security.

He is a member and secretary of the Board of Directors of the Pension Fund for Executives of the Finmeccanica Group – Supplementary pension fund.

Research fellow in Labor Law at the Faculty of Economics of the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome.

PhD in Labor, Trade Union and Social Security Law at the Faculty of Economics of the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome.

Professor of Labor Law at the “Link Campus” University of Rome.

He collaborates, as an expert on the subject, with the chairs of Labor Law, Social Security Law, Community Labor Law, Occupational Safety and Supplementary Social Security, of the Faculty of Law, University of Luiss “G. Carli ”of Rome; with the chair of Labor Law of the Faculty of Education at the University of “Roma Tre”; with the chair of Labor Law and Social Security of the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome.

He has been a lecturer at numerous Masters and post-graduate training courses, including: the Master in Economics and Management of Complementary Welfare at the Luiss Business School in Rome; the MBA – Management and Sports Law of the “Link Campus” University of Rome; the Master in Economics and Law of Complementary Pensions – PrevComp organized by Mefop; the Higher School of Public Administration of Rome and Caserta; the postgraduate course “The new discipline of the employment relationship” of the University of Molise.

He participated in the work of the Commission for the drafting of a Consolidated Law on Social Security, established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 53, l. 23 August 2004, n. 243.

He is the author of writings and academic essays, including: Complementary welfare for the public sector: the regulatory framework and open problems (2006); Concertation and social safety nets (2009); The fight against illegal work and the suspension of entrepreneurial activity (2009); The maintenance of workers’ rights in the event of a company transfer (2011); The “soft line” of the Council on the aggregation of insurance periods, known to the Constitutional Court, 11-20 January 2012 (2012); Leave for the disabled and their families (2013); Amending and extinguishing events of the pension fund and protection of individual rights (2013); The private enforcement of art. 108 § 3 TFEU and disputes over the recovery of illegal and incompatible aid before the labor court before the reform of l. 234/2012 (2013); The universalization of protection against unemployment: ASpI and solidarity funds (2013).